Origin of the Spring Festival

It is widely believed that the word 'Nian' ('year' in Chinese), was first the name of a beast. Every year on the 30th day of the 12th lunar month, it would come out and attack livestock and villagers. People would terrify Nian with loud sounds, the colour red and glaring lights, all of which later evolved into traditions of Spring Festival.

Customs across the Country

Family reunion dinner: people travelling or residing in a place far away from home will go back to their home to get together and have dinner with their families.

Stay up late on New Year's Evethis is how Chinese people welcome the New Year. People do so to pray for the longevity of the elderly in their family.


Recipes for New Year Dinner

The Chinese New Year dinner, often referred to as the "Reunion Dinner", is perhaps the most loved aspect of the Spring Festival. It takes place on Chinese New Year's Eve (February 11th in 2021). As one of the Chinese New Year's main purposes is to start the new year on a good note, there is no better way to do that than to be with family and have a big feast, and New Year food like dumplings are often hand-made as a family activity. Here are recipes for some most popular Spring Festival food.

Day-by-Day Guide to Spring Festival

As the Spring Festival is approaching, people all across China are welcoming the New Year in their own way. Here you'll discover things you can expect and the time they happen respectively during the festival.
With this ultimate guide, you can spend the Chinese New Year just like Chinese people do!

We wish you a very happy Spring Festival,

and may good fortune fall upon you in the Year of Ox!

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