In spring, everything grows, and the tender buds show little heads. These buds can not only be watched, but also become delicious food on dining tables. Spring pancakes on February 2nd, the unforgettable Xiangchun (Chinese toon) buds and delicious shepherd's purse dumplings are popular among people. Of course, the most important dish is Peking Roast Duck. These delicious food will make your trip in Beijing memorable.

Peking Roast Duck

With its longstanding culinary heritage since 1864, the time-honored brand Quanjude has been a must for food lovers to taste authentic Peking Roast Duck.

Spring Pancake

Chinese people eat spring pancakes on the day called lichun (the first of Chinese 24 solar terms) and February 2nd in the lunar calendar to celebrate the beginning of the spring.

Spring Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots can be found all year round. Their tastes differ in different seasons. Spring bamboo shoots are born with the precious spring rain and full of the fragrance of soil. They are tender with abundant water.


Green Rice Ball (Qingtuan)

The green rice balls are also called the Qingming rice balls as they were used to be eaten only around the Qingming Festival. Its green color is not dyed by artificial pigment but by mashed wild plants such as wormwood or wheat straw, which are mixed with glutinous rice and then kneaded. Green rice balls are very sweet and soft, and are good for health as well.

Chinese Toon (Xiangchun)

When spring comes with gentle breeze, Chinese toon buds will quietly emerge on the trees. People in the countryside will gently hook the fresh buds with long hooks, and prepare to cook them into delicious dishes.

Shepherd's Purse

The most familiar spring dish for people in southern China is probably shepherd's purse, which is almost the earliest shoots to break through the soil, and it only takes a spring rain to fill the fields.
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