The blue sky, white clouds and grassland are waiting for you!

The endless grassland is a must-see attraction for many people.Although July and August are the most beautiful time of the grassland every year, you can still catch up with this “last train” in early September. If you miss it this year, you have to wait for another year! Horse riding, milk tea, bonfire party, you can put all of them on your list!

Come to the land of Yan and Zhao to experience the red culture

Today, 75 years ago, the Chinese people won the great victory in the Anti-Japanese War; after 75 years, we will remember history, build on past achievements and strive for new progress. Remain committed to the mission and always keep it mission in mind, and work tirelessly to realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Hebei is an old revolutionary base area with numerous red tourism resources and outstanding features, making it a unique province of red tourism.

Visit these places for a leisure vacation in Hebei!

Hebei is very close to Beijing. It takes only two or three hours to drive there. On weekends, you can take your family to enjoy the mountains and rivers to see the beautiful scenery of the land of Yan and Zhao. Chengde Mountain Resort, this former royal garden has both the elegance of the south of the Yangtze River and the wild charm of the mountain village. You can climb the Jinshanling Great Wall and watch the sunrise or sunset, the scenery is extremely beautiful! The mountains in Hebei are very energetic.

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