A great place to play in water with families in the city

Although the air conditioner is good, you should not use it for too long. Instead, you can go and play with water to cool down and relieve the heat. The cool water can get on your body and take away the heat~ Such activity is suitable for all family members on weekends. Go and have fun!

These places provide activities such as rafting and water battles...

At this time, playing with water in the suburbs should be on your agenda. On weekends, go to Beijing suburbs with friends for some fresh air, stand by the water and feel the coolness of the wind head-on, and have fun!

Choose the Right Place to Go with Your Kids in this Summer Vacation

In this hot season, is it unbearable to deal with your naughty kids at home all day long? Be patient, you can send them back to school in less than a month! Why not take them out and have fun in the “last dark days”? You can make them exhausted so that you can enjoy your peaceful life when returning home! Then where to go? Why not play with water, such as water fights, water guns, water slides...

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