Adjacent to the Haihe River with the unique flavour of Tianjin, this street is worth visiting!

As one of the ten scenic spots in Tianjin, Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street has always insisted on “Flavour of China and Tianjin, sense of culture and history”. The existing Ancient Cultural Street include Tianhou Temple and Gongnan and Gongbei Streets, which are 580m long and 7m wide. Most of the buildings here are designed as the small folk buildings in the Qing Dynasty. There are nearly a hundred time-honoured brands along the street, mainly dealing in cultural products, antique books, folk products, and traditional handicrafts.

Come to Tianjin for the exotic atmosphere - there’s no need to go abroad!

Speaking of Tianjin, it is a relatively low-profile Chinese city with capital but not publicity. It seems that Tianjin people are also willing to live their own lives in peace and stability. They are never rushed or panicked. Even when major events happen, they would say “Come on, that’s not so serious!” Tianjin is quite a unique city. There are a large number of European-style buildings in which many celebrities once lived.

Drink tea and eat melon seeds while listening to cross talk, this is the way of leisure for the authentic Tianjin people.

Located at the mouths of nine rivers, Tianjin has been a city with habitants from everywhere, even from abroad in the past hundreds of years. It has thus nurtured its own unique folk culture and art. Tianjin cross talk has been well-known for years, and it is famous for its satire, with a sense of humour. There is a saying: Cross talk actors are considered famous only when they are popular in Tianjin.

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